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All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee.     Psalms 145:10
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Swing Flags
A swing flag is a fabric flag that has no pole, dowel or rod. In the 'lead corner' there is a weight sewn  into the edge., and when you grip them and swing them in a side to side figure 8 motion the silk fabric flares out and opens up.

The benefits of this type of flag are
1. They fold and roll up to about the size of a rolled hand towel thereby fitting into your purse or suitcase for easy transport
2. They don't need as much gentle treatment as the quills.
3. You can buy just one! (if you are new get the +plus one option.) You can opt to have a pair made and pay for just one. Once you have tried your single you can decide whether to get the second swing flag, or it gets added to the in stock page.
4. You can opt to order your fabric and sew them into swing  flags yourself at a good discount.
In Stock Swing Flags
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