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All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee.     Psalms 145:10
Silk Quill Flags  

Shown: Xlarge River Quill Flags
These beautiful flags are the lightest weight silk worship banners available. The poles
are flexible quills sewn into  the silk  that give the appearance of a fluttering wing. These are our best selling original design and available only here and at .
(synthetic fabrics available at )

The XLarge size, at 45" x 52" flexes more than the
Large 36" x 52" or Medium 36"x40", while the Small 30" by 36" size is still flexible but offers more control and is great for those with less space and less experience.

The best size for the dancer is really what the individual is comfortable with. They are available to dye in any color and design, if you don't see what you need, please contact us to place a custom order.
X Large Pair  45" by 52"  $110.00  
Note: Quill flag style & design is protected under international copyright law (c). Please do not reproduce the style of these flags.

(Rectangular & Half-circle flag styles mounted on traditional poles are considered public domain & are not subject to copyright law, however the artwork on them may be. Please check with the artist before copying an image. Thank you.
X L Round EdgePair  45" by 52"  $110.00  
Large Pair 35" by 52" $85.00
Storage Pouch $5.00
Size of Quills
Small Pair 30" by 36" $65.00
See the Bridal Veil Quill Flags
& a special Testimony & Dance Video
Medium Pair 35" by 41" $70.00

NEW!!!   Payment Plans:      
Select your pair of flags  and spread the banner, pouch & shipping costs over two  to  four equal monthly payments.
Your flags will arrive by Priority Mail 1-2 weeks after your last payment is completed. (A small transaction fee is assessed for each payment. The subscriptions are limited to the time allotted. No requests for renewal will be sent, ever! International orders may receive an Invoice for additional shipping costs. CA orders will receive an invoice for state sales tax)
2 equal monthly payments
-fill in color-
4 equal monthly payments
-fill in color-
Quantity Discounts
Quantity Discounts