Prophetic Worship Banners
All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee.     Psalms 145:10
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With a few size options and two weights of silk, these billows are sure to enhance your dance, corporate or children's worship times.

With Quill flags available, why would anyone want to use a billow?  Because
billows are easy to use and easy to choreograph into dances with others who may or may not have flags. They are symbolic of unity because it takes cooperation, and wherever two or more are gathered in His name... They also claim a large territory and are amazing focal points for fire tunnels and Holy Place ministry. I am always surprised by what the Lord wants to do next with a billow!
Weight of silk? Why does it matter?
5mm Light:
Floats effortlessly, beautiful, gossamer and less expensive.

8mm Medium:

Floats near effortlessly, beautiuful, bolder colors & 60% more durable.
Dye Design
Color Customization (up to 3)